I am a Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Politics at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. My research focuses on comparative politics and historical political economy, with an emphasis on how states and societies create property rights institutions and how those institutions shape power, norms, and conflict. My primary regional focus is Latin America.

My book project, Labor Emancipation and Property Rights Formation, examines how the abolition of labor repressive institutions—such as slavery or the slave trade—influenced the creation of private property rights in land. It draws on unused archival documents from Imperial Brazil (1822-1889) collected during a year of fieldwork. The book is based on my dissertation, which was the 2021 winner of the Mancur Olson Award for the Best Dissertation in Political Economy in the previous two years given by the American Political Science Association.

My academic work employs multi-method approaches that combine regression-type designs with qualtitative strategies in comparative historical analysis and extensive fieldwork. It has appeared, or has been been accepted, in The Journal of Politics, Comparative Political Studies, and Latin American Politics and Society.

I received my PhD in Political Science (with Departmental Distinction) from Columbia University in 2020. I completed a Master’s in Political Science at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and a BA in Political Science at the Universidad del Salvador, both in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Jorge Mangonnet
Nuffield College
University of Oxford
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Oxford, England

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