At Columbia, I served as a Teaching Fellow for substantive courses on comparative politics at the undergraduate level and statistics classes offered to undergraduate and graduate students (both doctoral and master’s) from various departments at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Before coming to Columbia, I served as a teaching assistant at Universidad de San Andrés, Universidad de Buenos Aires, and Universidad del Salvador in Argentina. My teaching interests cover comparative politics, international political economy, property rights, state building and state capacity, contentious politics, and Latin American politics. Please email me for syllabi, teaching evaluations, and recitation materials.

Columbia University (Teaching Fellow):

  • POLS UN3720 - Principles of Quantitative Political Research. Instructor: Robert Shapirto. Graduate level. Fall 2019.
  • POLS UN3720 - Data Analysis and Statistics for Political Science Research. Instructor: Michael Parrot. Undergraduate level. Spring 2019.
  • POLS GU4792 - Advanced Regression Modeling. Instructor: Andrew Gelman. Graduate level. Fall 2018.
  • POLS W4764 - Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys. Instructor: Andrew Gelman. Graduate level. Spring 2017.
  • POLS V1501 - Introduction to Comparative Politics. Instructor(s): Kimuli Kasara/Hande Mutlu-Eren. Undergraduate level. Spring 2016-2015.
  • POLS GU4461 - Latin American Politics: Democracy, Representation, and the Rule of Law. Instructor: Maria Victoria Murillo. Undergraduate level. Fall 2016-2014.

In Argentina (Teaching Assistant):

  • Public Policy (Universidad de San Andrés). Undergraduate level. 2013.
  • Political Sociology (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Undergraduate level. 2010.
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (Universidad del Salvador). Undergraduate level. 2008.